Private Lessons

If you’re interested in learning to ice skate for enjoyment and recreation, or if you want to develop the skating skills to become a figure skater or hockey player, contact one of our professional skating instructors today! Private and semi-private instruction is provided exclusively by qualified instructors approved by Twin Ponds. Private lessons may be given during public skating, learn to skate, or freestyle sessions. Please contact an instructor directly to arrange for private skating lessons. For a more affordable way to learn to skate, check out our group lessons.

PRICING & availability

Between $25 – $50 per 30-minute lesson. Schedule & prices are set directly between student & coach. Twin Ponds is not responsible for instructors’ private lesson schedules or fees.

HIRE A COACH: See the Twin Ponds Figure Skating Handbook for information about hiring and changing coaches.

*Twin Ponds Arena has provided this handbook as a resource for coaches, athletes and parents who participate in figure skating programs at our facility. This handbook includes codes of conduct for skaters, parents and coaches.*